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PostSubject: My Application   My Application Icon_minitimeWed Jun 23, 2010 11:16 pm

My Name is Elisa
I Am 16 Jan 30
I was born in the Phillippines, living in the US
I can Speak: Tagalog, English and Spanish
Favorite color is PURPLE
I Like playing games, sports and music. I LOVE FOOD yumm .

My Time Zone: UTC/GMT -8 hours

When Am I Online?
I am online, pretty much everyday. for 7-10 Hours on the weekdays
and around 10-15+ hours on the weekends

Flyff Experience

I have been playing eFlyff since v11 and loved, until i got hacked and moved here. I Played Clockwars since Caali Sever which was great and ive been on since. I have hada 105-M RM and 110 Blade on eFlyff. I also have been a GM in another server, but now its offline and looking for a new job to do
Ive also have had my own server before, so I Am experieced with GM codes.

I have no experience here but i will do my best to make this server a happy environment and get to know everyone

What Rabbit Will Do?
What I will do is help the server w/ any problems or help they will need and I will try to fix it. I will follow directions of what Owner tells me and not break them. I will try to do events, once i ask Owner's s approval first. I will also get to know the community so that they will know me and i will know them.

What Kind of Events?
Maybe Hide & Seek, Trivia, Scavenger Hunts

What happens if i broke my item?
Ill will tell gase what happened and ask him if its okay to restore it
or he will do it.

Any Other Questions?
I will be happy to answer, dealing with job change, where to find things and wheres npc etc. i will be glad to help you with anything

Why Should i Be Chosen?
I Should be chosen for a GM position because I am a fun person to hang around, you can talk to me if you want someone to talk to ill be there. I will be the GM that will make this a fun server to be in and I Will be the one To "MAKE A DIFFRENCE"

Last Words
Good Luck to the other people going for this position.

If you have any questions contact me at

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My Application
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