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 My Application Form Of Being A Game Mod.

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My Application Form Of Being A Game Mod. Empty
PostSubject: My Application Form Of Being A Game Mod.   My Application Form Of Being A Game Mod. Icon_minitimeThu Dec 31, 2009 7:53 am

Greetings And Good After Noon
I present you my Game Moderator application form

Real Name:
Arl Velez

im still in high school im 3rd year

How Long Have I Played Flyff:
I played flyff since i was Grade 5 its was February where its Still Version 3

its a lot difficult for me to adjust at this game that time because i havnt master the job quests the proper items so we just loot what is capablt at our jos that time[I was Assist]
As i Remember The job masters are not in town but its Out in Flaris While Mage n Acrobat are in Different Continent..It was realy hard to get starting on an Alien Game because you nothin info or some thin but A guide of something can be help full that is the role of GM.
i have played flyf for for years and i think i can be capable of being a Mod in this game
Im not boasting myself but i think i could handle the burden awaiting for being GM

What are my capacities and opinions for being A GM:
Well For me i know my capacities well i know where or how far can i go
I know when to say Yes or NO
for Me being A game moderator is not for the title not for fame
but its to help and conduct the players playing the server to guide them
to be apart to their journey in you server sir.
and if i will be chosen as the GM of this server I will do my best
to help and promote the server better.But Its always your choice to
choose to who of us applicants will you accept but still I will always respect your decisions
Thank you for letting us Apply for being a GM and i respect you as a professional Admin
for leadership and justice will always prevail.
But i hope you will accept me as the last GM spot

Expirience being a Game Moderator:
yet i have no experience of being a mod but i will assure you that
i will do my best to serve and guide the players in your sever.

Sincerely yours:
Arl Velez

Hope You"ll Choose Me As A GM of your Flyff Server Very Happy
Thanks for Reading My Application Form
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My Application Form Of Being A Game Mod.
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