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 Angels GM application

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Angels GM application Empty
PostSubject: Angels GM application   Angels GM application Icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2009 12:11 am

i have been a GM for over a year on 2 different servers one is well known as flyforshadow ( this is not advertising its just an example)
i know the ins and outs of being a GM i know the item and mon codes and also have experience with doing CW events and many others like hide n seek or race around town those were one of my favourites
I also know a bit photoshop editing and have experience with a ingame flyff program called ediSH that is being used to develop items for npc shops
I have experience as a chat moderator and forum moderator
i can be nice but i will keep an eye on them making sure they follow the rules

Anyway i hope that im not too late with my apply but ahwell i can always give it a try Smile
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Angels GM application
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