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 hello all pooffes

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PostSubject: hello all pooffes   Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:12 am

hi this me admin pookiller
we got a prob :O i only have 4 gms and i am searching for 1 more gm so i am going to make a event for last slot

information comming soon...


*[Admin]*pookiller Very Happy(FTW)
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PostSubject: Gm Contest   Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:24 am

Well hello *Gm*Foxens is here Very Happy.

I am one of the Gm's like u see in the begin of the text *cough*.
Ok i am looking for persons who are funny and loyal and they must be able to be friendly every time (in Server in Real Life doesnt matter =P.) Well ok we dont want a guy who always is like over bored and every time pissed off and unfriendly to ppl. I will say no to this ppl u have to helpfull and not always asking for some stuff (this is annoying for everyone so stop asking and find it out on your own way cheers.) Ok that was Foxens i will see you ingame and if u need some help ask me but dont ask to much x).

Greetings *Gm*Foxens
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PostSubject: Re: hello all pooffes   Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:14 pm

Pookiller Hi. I hope you remember me i was a member like 1year ago on Xcracy flyff.Well i got an idea how to get a new *GM* You can make a topic and call it *GM Application* and other one called *GM Runs Up*. The one called *GM Aplication* they have to post why they want to be GM and theirs experience if they have any lol.And the one called *GM Runs Up* they have to post theirs IGN and a yes/no if they liked the application they can vote a yes and IGN if they didn't they post a no and theirs IGN.It just a example how you could get a GM.Btw i want be a GM,i got alot of experience.Ive been GM on much other server.And i hoped you remember Eejhey cause he said say hello to him.Anyways i hoped you would make me GM,i would love to be a part of Crazy flyff's GM'S.About me
well i am a active player,funny,and always respectful.But i dont have an account yet xD.But i play alot.I like to help people and have fun with em.i would be a great GM,i know i got all experience.

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PostSubject: Re: hello all pooffes   

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hello all pooffes
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