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 NPC Shops Guide

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[Public Office][Flaris]Juria
NPC Shops Guide 21lpssm
Blinkwing of Flaris= 500 penya
Blinkwing of SaintMorning= 800 penya
Blinkwing of Darkon= 800 penya
Town Blinkwing= 200 penya
Blinkwing of Volcan= 100 penya
Azria Ticket 7 days= 20M
Azria Ticket 15 days= 35M
Feed Bag 6 hours= 4 penya

NPC Shops Guide Fnwqip
Vigor Ring= 3,355 penya
Stam Ring= 3,355 penya
Arek Ring= 3,355k penya
Intelli Ring= 3,355 penya
Demol Earring= 3,283 penya
Plug Earring= 3,283 penya
Gore Necklace= 889 penya
Mental Necklace= 889 penya
Shining Oricalkum= 50M
Cards 1-5=4K
Cards 6-10=6K
Power Dice 4= 2k
Power Dice 6= 4k
Power Dice 8= 6K
Power Dice 10= 8K
Power Dice 12= 10K
Bless Poster(RM’s Poster)= 50 penya
Skill Poster(BP’s Poster)= 50 penya
Arrows= 1 penya
Diamond= 8M
Emerald= 8M

[Shield 2]Luda
NPC Shops Guide 6j1wld
Weapon for All Classes= Prices are Correct
Dragon Cloaks= 20M
Fireworks= 40 penya
ALL Jewelry= Prices are Correct
All Special Sheilds= Prices are Correct

NPC Shops Guide 2ykxlyv
All Green Armor for All Classes= Prices Are Correct

NPC Shops Guide 5ts91
CS Hats and Hair = Between 4 penya – 10M (Theirs too many of them)Good Luck
CS Suites and Dresses= Between 4 penya - 15M
CS Gloves= All 5M
CS Shoes= All 5M

NPC Shops Guide B3ssuf
All The Looter Pets =50M
Red Riding Cloud=3k
Blue Riding Cloud=3k
Syila Hoverbike S=200K
Syila HoverBike (D2D)= 200K
Disposable Hoverbike S= 4 penya
Tiger Board S=50K
Wooden Horse S=200K
Sword Board S= 4 penya
Dragon Stick S= 4 penya
Snowboard S= 200k
Magic Carpet S= 200k
Hera HoverBike= 200K
Magic Broom= 3k
BlinkWing of Volcan= 300 penya
Gaia Cloak= 10M
Glasses and Masks= 25M

NPC Shops Guide 250mq6f
Full Shout 15 Days=15M
Full Shout 30 Days=30M
Common Bank 15 Days=5M
Common Bank 30 Days=7.5M
Scroll of Blessing=2M
Scroll of Velocity=100K

NPC Shops Guide 3309wk3
Scroll of Awakening=15M
Blessing of Goddess=25M
Scroll of Reduction B= 15M
Scroll of Reduction A=25M
Remantis Laccotte=100K
Refresher Hold=100K
VitalDrink X=100K
Bull Hamstern=100K
Egg= 1 Penya

Saint Morning

[Public Office][Saint Morning]Helena
NPC Shops Guide Mh3h8w
Perins =100M

NPC Shops Guide 4imohk
Warm Slippers= 1M
Iron Mask=1M
Butterfly Mask= 1M
Star Head Band=1M
Baby Lawolf=50M
Baby Aibatt=50M
Baby Leyena=50M
Baby Lui=50M
SoccerBall Angel=50M
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NPC Shops Guide
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